Helping Newly Elevated Leaders Navigate Through Turbulent Times

Whether it’s a clinician rising to leadership or a VP moving into a CEO role, new executives can feel stymied when personalities clash, priorities complete, or passion gets drowned in bureaucracy. Healthcare executive coaching from Ascendient can help.

Our singular goal is ensuring career success. We aspire to be the trusted partner and sounding board every healthcare leader needs to survive and thrive.

This is particularly important for women executives in a male-dominated profession. Our nurturing, one-on-one relationships can help build the soft skills and organizational acumen needed to ride out rough spots, overcome doubts, and gain the confidence to make real change.

Joann Anderson, practice lead for healthcare executive coaching

Our healthcare executive coaching practice is led by Joann Anderson, a 45-year industry veteran who has navigated practically every leadership role in both for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare. Starting her career as a bedside RN, Joann served the past 20 years as a hospital CEO, giving her unique insights into the needs and opportunities facing rising healthcare leaders.

Every engagement is fully customized to the individual and tailored to his or her unique environment. Personal success is our ultimate goal, but organizations benefit, too. Executive coaching is an investment that pays dividends long-term dividends in:

  • Greater productivity
  • Reduced turnover
  • Better board relations
  • More cohesive management

To learn more about healthcare executive coaching and set up a personal consultation with Joann, please use the form below.

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