Our transformative model for healthcare delivery

Line art of a city with a hospital representing "Healthytown"

Healthcare transformation is fine in theory, but what does it look like in practice? How does it change the focus and footprint of healthcare delivery? Our unique Healthytown model helps to answer the all-important questions.

Making a Better Model

More than a decade ago, Ascendient set out to do something audacious: Take all the tangled threads of healthcare transformation and weave them into a tapestry showing how care delivery will change at the individual community level.

We started with all the usual assumptions about demographics, utilization, and provider supply, then layered on the transformative effects of technology, consumerism, payment innovation, and regulatory reform.

What we found was a startling change in the way healthcare services are consumed. Depending on the community, predicted provider shortages can disappear within 10 years, while beds that seem like revenue drivers today might become expensive liabilities.

Our Healthytown™ model has already helped many clients better plan for a transformed future – managing the current needs in their community while re-thinking human and capital investments to account for the needs of tomorrow.

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Future Forward

Of course, the future doesn't stand still, and neither does Healthytown™. Ten years after the model was first introduced, we are currently devoting hundreds of hours to a major update based on the very latest trends.

What will the new Healthytown™ look like – and why? You can watch our blog for regular stories on the trends we are watching and how they are shifting the pace direction of healthcare transformation. You can also sign up for our mailing list (including the monthly Research Roundup) if you'd like to be the first to know when the updated model is complete.

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