The U.S. healthcare system lives in a perfect storm of converging trends that suggest a radical transformation of the entire system from the inside out. Shifting demographics, economics, technology and consumer preferences are making transformation inevitable – and the path forward for health and hospital systems hard to predict.

Many of these transformations are already happening. Demand for inpatient beds in many markets has declined and insurers and new technologies have led patients to less-costly care options. While some hospitals will move to modular forms of community health services, others will consolidate. And in rural areas, many may close their doors or eliminate their inpatient beds and transform into comprehensive primary care facilities.

While there is great urgency for leaders of health and hospital systems to plan for how these growing trends will impact their delivery models and how they will operate in a fully transformed system, the tools they have used for doing so are woefully inadequate. It’s wasting both dollars and resources.

Enter Healthytown™, a proprietary modeling tool, built by the Ascendient team that clearly depicts what transformation will look like – and how hospitals and health systems can better build their long-term strategies to succeed in a transformed environment. Based on true and actual community demographics, Healthytown is the first industry tool that helps leaders accurately predict and plan for their ideal delivery network, where each patient receives the right care at the right time by the right provider.

Built on more than a year’s worth of investigation and research, Healthytown has predicted many of the changes currently underway.

Providers must have a clear vision of the future and develop a long-term strategy around it now.

As we built Healthytown, we spent more than a year investigating what a transformed system would look like. We identified and quantified the inescapable economic, political, demographic and technological trends that are altering the way healthcare in America is delivered. We then searched for innovative care delivery models and developed a model for showing providers how to remain viable in the old system while also preparing for market shifts.

The time is now. Discover the impact Healthytown can have on your long-term planning as you prepare your own community for transformed delivery.



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