Capacity and Regulatory Preparation for COVID-19


We recognize that what you all are dealing with on the front lines of COVID-19 is much more significant than what we can offer to do. At the same time, we feel a strong obligation to assist you in any way possible.

FREE COVID-19 Bed Capacity Assessment

Though some states have already relaxed regulations regarding licensed bed capacity and other regulated services, many still require notification of capacity changes. For those states or services that have not been given relief yet, we are already assisting clients seeking urgent regulatory relief from constraints that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the regulatory assistance to expand your capacity, we stand ready to assist you with estimating the range of capacity you may need to accommodate the influx of patients in your area, including among others general acute care beds, ICU beds, and CT scanners. If you have the internal resources to evaluate potential demand, we have included the following links to two helpful assumption sets.

ProPublica – Harvard Global Health Institute Estimates

Health Affairs – Capacity and Projected Need

If there is anything beyond this that we can do to support you, please let us know.

From the Ascendient team: thank you, your colleagues, and especially your direct caregivers for all that we know you will be doing in the days and weeks ahead to care for your community.


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