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Healthcare Horizons

Disruption Alert: Mayo’s Hospital at Home Program

Mayo Clinic recently published some surprising results from its innovative, hub-and-spoke hospital at home program. Beyond the encouraging clinical and business results, we see potential for large-scale industry disruption. | By Dawn Carter

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Healthcare Horizons

Hospital M&A: 3 Reasons to Know Your HHI

As regulators ditch long-established guidelines for evaluating mergers, healthcare leaders need to defend their plans with a combination of numbers + narrative. The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index is a good place to start. | By Dawn Carter

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Look-Alike Health Centers: the Ascendient Guide

Hospitals and health systems are beginning to look closely at look-alike health centers, a relatively obscure provider type that can offer financial and strategic benefits while simultaneously improving care for underserved communities. | By Dawn Carter

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Case Study

Health System Strategy: The Affiliation Option

Affiliation should always be considered an option in health system strategy – provided the process is deliberate rather than desperate. Here’s how one small system kept control of its destiny and its mission by choosing to pursue affiliation from a position of strength. | By Dawn Carter

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