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Case Study

Health System Strategy: The Affiliation Option

Affiliation should always be considered an option in health system strategy – provided the process is deliberate rather than desperate. Here’s how one small system kept control of its destiny and its mission by choosing to pursue affiliation from a position of strength. | By Dawn Carter

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Recruiting Healthcare Professionals: The Ascendient Guide

Recruiting healthcare professionals is a top priority for any hospital or health system, but too often, those efforts are formulaic rather than strategic. In this Guide, we show you how to implement a recruitment plan that accounts for maintenance, compliance, and growth. | By Brian Ackerman

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Healthcare Horizons

Healthcare Strategic Planning: Forget the 5 Pillars

Healthcare strategic planning is very different from operational excellence – and conflating the two is especially dangerous in an era of rapid transformation. Here are three ways to know the difference: Think bucket lists, fingerprints, and barometers. | By Dawn Carter

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Image vs. Reality: Mercatus, CON and Statistics in Search of Meaning

Executive Summary Medical imaging has become the latest battlefield for economic theorists who mistakenly believe that the U.S. healthcare system is a typical marketplace in need of deregulation. Critics are now claiming that Certificate of Need laws (CON) have restricted access to imaging services, resulting in the need for patients to cross state lines. Although… Read More

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