healthcare transformation

Re-think everything you know

We all know that America’s healthcare system isn’t sustainable, but few stop to think what the “fix” might ultimately look like. At Ascendient, we think about it constantly. Healthcare transformation informs everything we do – and that means we do things a little differently.

Keeping Track of Transformation

Healthcare transformation is more than a buzzword at Ascendient – it’s our guiding principle. We begin each engagement by revisiting traditional assumptions about care delivery, competition, regulation, technology and geographic markets. We ask the hard questions other consulting firms don’t. This is what sets us apart.

Amid soaring costs and persistent labor shortages, transformation is inevitable. Many hospital beds will become obsolete, inpatient volume will decline sharply in many markets, and primary care visits will increase by up to 80% while some specialty visits will decline by almost half.

Forward-thinking healthcare leaders are starting to recognize that healthcare transformation will require them to reassess the kinds of traditional planning approaches and assumptions they have historically relied on. That’s why they turn to Ascendient for help.

Our approach isn’t about working harder or smarter or helping organizations get better at what they already do. It’s about helping healthcare leaders “see” how healthcare delivery will actually look in the future, and providing clear, actionable guidance so their organizations can prepare to survive and thrive in the new environment.

What does that look like in practice? Visit our Healthytown page to see how healthcare transformation factors into our community-level modeling, and follow our Higher Thinking posts for updates and analysis as the forces of transformation evolve in real time.