Operations Planning Rooted in the Needs and Resources of Rural Communities

For more than 25 years, Ascendient has been recognized as a top national firm for rural healthcare strategy, and now we’re proud to extend our mission with an innovative practice in rural healthcare operations.

With the goal of ensuring that rural hospitals remain relevant, sustainable, and successful, we approach each engagement with a unique lens and a mission mindset. Our process is attentive, collaborative, and sensitive to local dynamics.

Informed by decades of success in strategy and planning, we help local hospitals right-size their services and operationalize delivery. We understand that “typical” ratios and assumptions simply don’t work in the hyper-local setting of rural healthcare, so we start with the specific needs of each community and then look for innovative ways to meet the most needs with scarce resources.

Joann Anderson, practice lead for rural healthcare operations

Every engagement in rural healthcare operations is led by Joann Anderson, a 45-year healthcare veteran with a career ranging from bedside nurse to CEO and board member. Throughout every stage of her career, Joann has remained dedicated to rural hospitals – a level of commitment that attracted national recognition, including a term as the chair of AHA’s Small and Rural Hospitals Governing Council.

Tired of “quantitative performance improvement” and similar approaches designed for big, urban systems? We invite you to contact us today for a free consultation with Joann.

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