Government Agencies

Ascendient is recognized for our strength in converting regional health needs assessments into manageable, facility-specific recommendations to make community health planning more effective and practical, including our expertise in military growth health management planning.

We work with local governments and government agencies, think tanks, and other non-provider organizations to assist with a wide variety of community health planning engagements:

  • Evaluating regional healthcare services coordination
  • Working with local stakeholders to identify best ways to address gaps in service delivery and capacity issues
  • Evaluating small and rural hospital performance, including identifying disparities between high and low performers
  • Designing the ideal complement of health services based on community size, geography, physician access, and proximity to other services
  • Independently assessing assumptions and recommendations to be sent to the governor for plans to rebuild a key safety net hospital after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Developing impact reports to monitor predicted health and social services utilization in communities affected by military growth
  • Assessing community-wide healthcare capacity to identify gaps between services needed and services available in fast-growing military communities

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