Client Testimonials

Healthcare Affiliation Consulting: A Client's Perspective

Hospital president Preston Hammock discussing his first hand experience with healthcare M&A

In an increasingly competitive healthcare environment, affiliation is sometimes the only realistic option for keeping vital services local and accessible. In this short video, hospital president Preston Hammock shares his experience working with M&A advisors who cared about the community as much as he did.

"They value the end product of the healthcare system and the community that we're serving ... The time on the front end that Ascendient spent understanding our goals, really helped streamline the process from there forward. It enabled us to create a rubric that was objective, that we used against multiple potential partners, and ultimately led to a conversation of strengths, weaknesses, what opportunities did we have in the environment. Ultimately it really helped us land on a partner that fit our needs but also brought things to the table for our community."

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