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Meticulous. Timely. Comprehensive. Persuasive. That's how hospitals and health systems have described our Certificate of Need work for 30 years now. We've secured regulatory approval for billions in capital investment – and a priceless reputation as America's leading CON firm.

Our long-term relationship with Ascendient has helped us bring leading-edge services, technologies, and facilities to the communities we serve across the Carolinas. The consistent high quality of their CON work has been a key to our mission-driven growth.

Elizabeth Kirkman

AVP, Strategic Services Group, Atrium Health

See Why We're the Pros at CON

Since our firm’s founding, Ascendient has been recognized as a nationwide leader in Certificate of Need applications. Our team has more than a century of combined experience with CON projects in more than a dozen states.

We bring a strategic lens to every engagement, helping clients – and regulators – think about community needs in a larger context and longer time frame. As champions of healthcare transformation, we use data and narrative to show how projects can meet today's needs while remaining relevant far into the future.

Having been through the CON process hundreds of times, we can offer value-added services that clients simply cannot find elsewhere, including an extensive database of CON applications, decisions, and litigation documents that allows us to anticipate how regulators are likely to view a specific CON request.

The process itself is part of the secret to our success. Our unique PARTner Framework ensures on-time, high-quality deliverables through a structured approach to Personnel, Alignment, Reviews, and Timelines. With more than 500 successful CON applications totaling billions of dollars in capital investment, we believe our PARTner Framework is the most tried-and-tested approach offered by any healthcare consulting firm.

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