Required, sure. Routine? Never.

We never settle for merely "checking the boxes" with our CHNA and CHIP services. Instead, we lead a thoughtful, collaborative process that is powered by data and aligned with strategy as part of a broader community health improvement process.

Through Ascendient’s collaborative approach, JPS was able to best identify our community’s top health and social needs while engaging our executives, board, and the community. Brian and his team were amazing. They provided clear guidance and context to direct the health needs JPS will address through the CHNA for now and years to come.

Shannon Fletcher

VP and COS, JPS Health Network

We Know You Need to Know Your Community

Your community is utterly unique. No template or computer program can accurately describe it – much less point the way to a healthier future.

At Ascendient, we understand that the CHNA/CHIP process may seem repetitive, but it should never be routine. We've proven over the years that a thoughtful, intentional process can offer a real opportunity to know your market, target your services, and advance your mission.

Instead of taking a fill-in-the-blank approach, we start each new engagement with original, in-depth research and analysis that far surpasses the industry average. Using that data, we help you establish clear priorities and achievable goals, then we weave it all into a compelling narrative for policymakers, community members, and other stakeholders.

As the nation's leading consulting firm for Certificate of Need applications, we have an unmatched reputation for producing reports that are deeply researched and persuasively argued. By applying our CON know-how to Community Health Needs Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans, we can offer a streamlined and efficient process that is also fully flexible and responsive to your needs.

Finally, we pride ourselves on studying new regulations to help our clients keep ahead of changing expectations. From health equity to social drivers of health, CMS is broadening the very definition of healthcare with new mandates that will catch many providers by surprise. As healthcare management consultants, we can help you integrate mandate and mission to ensure that your business thrives along with your community.

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