Health Equity Assessments

Putting your passion for equity into practice

Disparities won't disappear without data. We bring 30 years of research expertise to every engagement – plus a strategic mindset to help change the status quo. The goal is movement, not just measurement.

Getting Beyond the Buzzwords

From health systems to health departments, equity increasingly is being cited as a core value. But what does it really mean to pursue health equity at the organizational level? How do you define and measure it?

At Ascendient, we bring 30 years of research expertise to the emerging field of health equity assessments. Beyond the buzzwords and slogans, we take a data-driven approach to measuring attitudes within the organization and outcomes in the community.

As outside consultants, we can help you get a true picture of staff attitudes and priorities regarding health equity – how team members understand the term, and how committed they are to doing better. Our objectivity is equally valuable in the community, helping you uncover health disparities through a combination of subjective and objective research.

In every engagement, the goal is movement, not just measurement. Using the data from our research, we can help identify the areas where small changes can make the biggest improvements. Rather than an unaffordable "wish list," we help clients leverage existing resources and expertise to correct disparities and delivery more equitable care for every member of the community.

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