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In the courtroom, you need the best experts in your corner

With more than 500 successful CON applications representing billions in capital investment, we are the expert witnesses with unmatched expertise.

The litmus test for a superb litigation expert witness is this: You really want them on your side, and your heart sinks when you learn that they have been retained as an opposing expert. That applies to the Ascendient consultants with whom I have collaborated. They are that good!

Gary Qualls

Partner, K&L Gates

Making the Case for Better Healthcare Delivery

As the national leader in CON, we understand better than anyone that the process isn't always smooth. When it comes time for a legal challenge, you want an expert witness with a reputation for integrity, strategic thinking, and meticulous data analysis.

That's exactly the reputation we've built over the past 30 years. As passionate advocates for effective, equitable, and sustainable healthcare, our expert witnesses have supported both applicants and challengers across the country when litigation is the only option to ensure the best care in their communities. Whether it's facilities, services, or medical technology, we can help you make your case.

Working closely with legal counsel and organization executives, we develop market research and utilization forecasts based on extensive analysis of local and national trends. More than just a "data dump," we use those numbers to tell a compelling story of the community and its health needs – both today and tomorrow.

With more than 500 successful CON applications representing billions of dollars in capital investment, we can offer the expert witnesses with unmatched expertise.

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