Provider Planning

Because you always need a healthy supply of healers

Healthcare transformation is rewriting the laws of provider supply and demand. Given the high stakes, you simply can’t afford to make your provider plans using outdated and inaccurate population ratios.

The Ascendient team is amazing to work with – they are the experts in healthcare consulting including physician needs assessments and market strategy development. They are quick to respond and provide excellent results.

Rebekah Driggers

Director, Physician & Provider Recruitment, Cone Health

Provider Planning with a Difference

Traditional provider planning models are hopelessly out of date. Professional shortages have upended recruitment efforts while healthcare transformation is shifting the provider mix.

Over the past decade, Ascendient was one of the first consulting firms to forecast the dramatic rise in primary care visits, and our research shows that the trend will continue. But despite the additional visits, most health systems will need fewer primary care physicians than traditional planning models would suggest, thanks to changes in technology, payment, and regulation.

At Ascendient, our proprietary, visit-driven model takes into account patient and physician perspectives, offering a much more nuanced and accurate assessment of your likely provider needs. Our model can further adjust for factors such as overlapping service areas, multi-hospital systems with shared or segregated medical staffs, metropolitan dynamics, and the impact of teaching hospitals and academic medical centers.

Our healthcare provider planning services include multiple modules that can be customized to your specific requirements, from a simple Stark-compliant Community Needs Assessment to a more complex Strategic Needs Assessment designed to optimize staffing for specific strategic growth targets.

Additionally, we’ve developed interactive, user-friendly healthcare staffing tools so providers and hospital administrators can easily make continuing adjustments and refinements after the initial planning process is done.

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