Strategic Planning

Create opportunities, minimize threats – and advance your mission

When was the last time you bothered looking at your healthcare strategic plan? At Ascendient, we craft accessible, actionable, and dynamic strategies designed to become a part of your management DNA – and we help with implementation throughout the strategy cycle. See the difference that Living Strategy can make for your organization.

With a fresh perspective on the data, Ascendient prompted strategic opportunities that helped our board chart a strong new course. Thanks to Ascendient, we're better positioned to fulfill our mission on behalf of our community.

Jay Kirby

President & CEO, UNC Health Pardee

Drive Your Mission with Healthcare Strategic Planning

With the healthcare industry in a state of turmoil, you need a professional partner who can help you achieve your mission today while anticipating tomorrow's changes. At Ascendient, we don't parachute in, deliver canned reports, and then disappear. Instead, our team walks your team through a careful and transparent process, building trusting relationships along the way.

At the end of the process, we deliver a strategic plan that's 100% customized to your healthcare organization and your market – but even then, our work is not done. Building on the relationships formed during the planning phase, we stick with you throughout the strategy cycle to ensure that you're hitting your goals, counting what matters, and adapting as needed. From simple check-ins to sophisticated digital tools, we offer the support you need every step of the way.

Healthcare strategic planning is built on data. Ascendient consultants are researchers, data scientists, management experts, and financial analysts, but we also know the human side of strategy  – those areas where dialogue, discernment, and collective judgment are needed to truly drive organizations forward. By stressing relationships and communication throughout the healthcare strategic planning process, we help to create consensus on the hard choices and enthusiasm for the final product.

If you're ready for a strategy that doesn't just sit in a drawer, we're ready to help you:

  • LOOK in the mirror;
  • INVESTIGATE the environment;
  • VISUALIZE the future;
  • INTEGRATE with operations;
  • NAVIGATE unexpected changes; and
  • GUIDE the next cycle

That's a Living Strategy. We think it's the way healthcare strategic planning should be done.

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