Healthcare Strategic Planning for an Industry in Transformation

With the industry undergoing perhaps its greatest transformation ever, you need a professional partner who can help you take the long view of healthcare strategic planning. Ascendient will help you keep an eye on the horizon and navigate through both the obstacles and opportunities of a changing market.

At Ascendient, we believe that healthcare strategic planning must be forward thinking and acknowledge the realities and pressures that healthcare providers face today. Innovation should be a means to an end – not an end in and of itself. And because it should be mission-driven, healthcare strategic planning should always serve to drive that mission forward.

Healthcare strategic planning is about more than data analysis, numbers, and assessments. At Ascendient, we also place a high value on the non-quantitative – those areas where dialogue, discernment and collective judgment are needed to truly drive organizations forward.

We’re not the firm that will parachute in to collect data and deliver reports – then disappear. At Ascendient, we take a longer-term and more organic view of our strategic planning role. We’ll spend as much time on-site as is reasonably possible under each engagement. We’ll play multiple roles as needed – facilitator, analyst, devil’s advocate, or partner – to gain the best perspectives on the issues and opportunities unique to your situation. And we’ll deliver a clear game plan that is both ambitious and actionable.

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