Nikki Murdoch

Senior Consultant

UNC-Chapel Hill

BA, Media & Journalism

Nikki leverages her background in journalism and healthcare to help health systems navigate the complexities of CON filings. Using a combination of data and narrative, she builds a detailed case for new facilities or expanded services to better match the needs of community members.

As an experienced storyteller, Nikki loves bringing data to life in a way that is both persuasive and easy to understand.  She has a way with words, but she’s happiest helping health systems solve complex challenges.

A native of Asheville, NC, Nikki joined Ascendient in 2020 and now works from her home in Washington, DC. She is a member of the Southeast Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SESHSMD).

When she is not working on CON projects, Nikki enjoys rock climbing, trail running, reading about the gut microbiome, and roaming around DC.