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Moving Beyond the SWOT in Health Equity

In a health equity assessment, your only real "competition" is the status quo – so you need to think differently about your SWOT
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What Our CON Work Tells Us About the Future of PET

The data required for a CON application can offer valuable insights into future technology trends. Here's what we see with PET.
A DEAD END sign stands against a partly cloudy sky, suggesting the end might be near for private equity investments in physician groups.

When Will PE Give Up on Physician Practices?

New research suggests that PE firms don't know how to make money on physician practices. Here's what that means for provider planning.
Ascendient consultant Kim Meymandi with her husband, Spencer

Meet the Team: Kim Meymandi

How an illness led this senior consultant into a healthcare career – with a special focus on improving access for underserved communities.
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Healthcare Workforce Development: Learning from Bloomberg

Student debt is a big hurdle to healthcare workforce development, but Bloomberg Philanthropies is betting that it doesn't have to be.

Securing the Future of a County-Owned Hospital

Here’s how we helped elected leaders in one rural county secure a brighter future for the county-owned hospital.
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Medicare (Dis)Advantage: Hospital Observation Downgrades

Research shows that observation status is much more common under Medicare Advantage – bad news for patients and hospitals alike.
A Wall Street street sign, in black and white, illustrates the idea that hospital operating margins are tenuous, while investment income provides some cushion.

Hospital Operating Margins in Limbo as Investments Drive Profitability

Hospital operating margins are highly uncertain, even as investment income provides an illusion of financial wellbeing.
Patricia Dowbiggin and her husband at Niagara Falls

Meet the Team: Patricia Dowbiggin

Our strategy consultant discusses her background in EMS, her burden for rural healthcare ... and her love of the outdoors.

Celebrating Another Year of Impact

Here's what happened when our far-flung team gathered in NC for a 2023 holiday party.
A down arrow in pink neon against a black background illustrates the idea of DRG downgrades. Photo by Ussama Azam on Unsplash.

Medicare (Dis)Advantage: DRG Downgrades

MA plans are using millions of DRG downgrades as a "backdoor" tool for cutting hospital payments. Here are 3 ways to fight back.
A NYC pedestrian "stop" sign illustrates the idea of delayed care for Medicare Advantage patients with prior authorization requirements. Unsplash photo by Kai Pilgerl

Medicare (Dis)Advantage: 35 Million Prior Authorizations

Prior authorizations have become the norm in Medicare Advantage, causing treatment delays for patients and financial headaches for providers.
A group of doctors and nurses in blue scrubs walking away from the camera. Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplaush.

Medicare (Dis)Advantage: Hospitals Count the Cost

Medicare Advantage now covers more than half of U.S. seniors, putting huge new strains on healthcare delivery.
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Total Cost of Care: Lessons from the Maryland Model

A Maryland expert shares her experience with total cost of care as CMS pushes other states to consider the approach.
A document reading "last will and testament" illustrates the idea that private equity is a last choice for dying hospitals. Photo by Melinda Gimpel via Unsplash.

Why Private Equity Is No Strategy for Struggling Hospitals

For providers in imminent danger of closing their doors and stopping all service, private equity might be better than nothing. But only just.
A woman and two caregivers in a post-acute facility/SNF

Why the Post-Acute Crisis Is Acutely Troubling for Hospitals

Nursing homes are facing unprecedented staffing challenges in 2023 – with big implications for hospitals.
Signs on the front door informing patients that rural Martin General Hospital is closed

Ascendient Aids County After Hospital Closure (Video)

When a rural hospital was closed unexpectedly, Ascendient stepped in to find a more sustainable option for local healthcare.
Crumpled paper next to a paper airplane illustrates the concept of CMS's new AHEAD model.

Can a New CMS Model Move Healthcare Transformation AHEAD?

Thoughts on the newest CMS model, based on our deep expertise with Maryland's TCOC model.
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Ascendient’s Guide to the Maryland Model and the Path AHEAD

Maryland's experiment with Total Cost of Care offers a glimpse of the future for states considering the new AHEAD model from CMS.
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Public Health Strategic Planning: the Ascendient Guide

Where are we? Who are we? Where are we going? Those three questions are the key to public health strategic planning in a time of turmoil.