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Securing the Future of a County-Owned Hospital

Here’s how we helped elected leaders in one rural county secure a brighter future for the county-owned hospital.
A document reading "last will and testament" illustrates the idea that private equity is a last choice for dying hospitals. Photo by Melinda Gimpel via Unsplash.

Why Private Equity Is No Strategy for Struggling Hospitals

For providers in imminent danger of closing their doors and stopping all service, private equity might be better than nothing. But only just.
Signs on the front door informing patients that rural Martin General Hospital is closed

Ascendient Aids County After Hospital Closure (Video)

When a rural hospital was closed unexpectedly, Ascendient stepped in to find a more sustainable option for local healthcare.
A look down the runway at a small airport illustrates the idea that the federal government subsidizes airline monopolies while insisting on competition in healthcare

Are Airports More “Essential” Than Hospitals?

The DOJ sues hospitals to protect competition in healthcare while the DOT pays millions to protect airline monopolies ... but why?
An abstract watercolor painting of the sun is the symbol of Ascendient's Healthcare Horizons series, including this installment on health equity strategy

Hospital M&A: 3 Reasons to Know Your HHI

As regulators crack down on mergers, healthcare leaders need to defend their plans with a mix of numbers + narrative.

Health System Strategy: The Affiliation Option

Here’s how one small system kept control of its destiny and its mission by choosing to pursue affiliation from a position of strength.
Hospital president Preston Hammock discussing his first hand experience with healthcare M&A

Healthcare Affiliation Consulting: A Client’s Perspective

In an increasingly competitive healthcare environment, affiliation is sometimes the only...

Four Things You Must Know Before the First M&A Conversation

Before starting the healthcare M&A process, it's important to answer questions regarding your why, what, who, and when.