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A DEAD END sign stands against a partly cloudy sky, suggesting the end might be near for private equity investments in physician groups.

When Will PE Give Up on Physician Practices?

New research suggests that PE firms don't know how to make money on physician practices. Here's what that means for provider planning.
A high school science student looks at the camera through a piece of scientific equipment

Healthcare Workforce Development: Learning from Bloomberg

Student debt is a big hurdle to healthcare workforce development, but Bloomberg Philanthropies is betting that it doesn't have to be.
A woman and two caregivers in a post-acute facility/SNF

Why the Post-Acute Crisis Is Acutely Troubling for Hospitals

Nursing homes are facing unprecedented staffing challenges in 2023 – with big implications for hospitals.
abstract lighthouse watercolor

Public Health Workforce Strategies: the Ascendient Guide

All of healthcare is facing workforce issues, but public health may have it worst of all. We outline a few strategies, both near- and long term.
A carved wooden hand holds up a leaning tree, illustrating the need to support public health professional staff. Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash.

A Supportive Solution for Public Health Burnout

See why better administrative support may be the key to reducing burnout among professional staff in local health departments.
A public health professional with a pink stethoscope around his neck immunizes a woman wearing a blue shirt

The Future of Public Health: 5 Questions for the Experts

Two experts from the de Beaumont Foundation share their views on the future public health, based on their landmark study.
Karla Dechavez

Healthcare Consulting Partnerships: 3 Executive Testimonials

Three healthcare leaders in a variety of roles discuss Ascendient's value as a long-term partner.
A physician with arms folded, looking into the camera

Physician Alignment: Watch Out for Corporate Competitors

Corporate buyers are snapping up physician practices at a record pace. Here are 4 implications for hospitals' physician alignment strategy.
A young boy with a Jenga tower illustrates the concept of strategic planning for hospitals

Strategic Planning for Hospitals: Why Worry About the Surge

Lately we've seen record interest in our strategic planning services for hospitals – and that could be a bad sign for the U.S. healthcare system.
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Recruiting Healthcare Professionals: The Ascendient Guide

In this detailed report, we show you how to implement a recruitment plan that accounts for maintenance, compliance, and growth.
Walgreens is investing billions of dollars to expand VillageMD value-based care

Corporations Are Betting Big on Value-Based Care

Companies are investing billions in value-based care – a good sign for healthcare transformation but a potential problem for traditional providers.
A physician assistant takes the blood pressure of a patient

Physician Assistants: the Future of Team-Based Care?

Physician assistants can help relieve the looming physician shortage, but only when they're allowed to practice at the top of their license.
Joann Anderson, practice lead for rural healthcare operations

Ascendient Welcomes Joann Anderson

After decades as a hospital CEO & board member, Joann Anderson is now offering consulting services in healthcare leadership and rural operations.
Closeup of a physician holding a mobile device

Smart Physician Recruiting: Is Balance the Ultimate Benefit?

Be sure your physician recruitment strategy recognizes that doctors need to unplug & have a life. That's key to smart physician recruiting.

Could Amazon Affect Your Revenue…and Provider Planning?

Healthcare provider recruitment could get trickier – and costlier – as corporate giants like Amazon move into the space.

Rethinking Recruitment [VIDEO]

TRANSCRIPTION: This is Brian Ackerman. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about...