Transformation is at the Heart of our Healthcare Consulting Services

We see dramatic changes unfolding that will significantly impact every type of health system and facility on all fronts — and sooner than many healthcare executives realize.

Ascendient’s strategic healthcare consulting services are geared toward helping healthcare leaders solve the challenges they face today — while helping them prepare for those they will face tomorrow.

Our clients rely on us for strategy, planning and feasibility in a holistic and highly-integrated manner. Our healthcare consulting services are comprehensive – spanning the gamut of those critical areas where organizations need the most support – and they are designed to complement, enhance, and build upon each other, rather than operate in siloes.

Our deep expertise lies in strategy, provider manpower planning, mergers and acquisitions, service line planning, debt feasibility, facility planning, forecasting, emerging payment models, and regulatory planning. In other words, we provide more than just a one-off set of services limited to a one-time engagement. We provide ongoing, complementary services and expertise for both the short- and long-term. And by simulating scenarios using our Healthytown™ model, we can show our clients how the current healthcare landscape will reshape itself at different points in time. Our resulting roadmaps help organizations determine how to evolve alongside these changes – and the best ways to get to where they need to be.

Before your organization invests in new infrastructure, forms new alliances, recruits new providers, or makes other critical business decisions, let Ascendient’s team provide the data, analysis, and strategic vision to move your organization down the right path.

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