Debt Service in the Age of Transformation

Patients trust your organization with their lives every day. But do investors trust you with their money?

For a hospital or health system, the decision to issue bonds is almost never easy. Debt service can be a frightening prospect if your operating revenues have already proven to be insufficient for funding growth plans.

Meanwhile, new payment models and purse string tightening by government and private payers are putting even more financial pressures on providers and institutions. Already nervous investors will soon give greater weight to third-party feasibility studies when evaluating your organization’s or project’s viability.

At Ascendient, we believe that a bond/debt feasibility study is only as good as the strategy on which it is based. We leverage our decades of experience in strategy and planning to ensure that growth numbers are realistic and achievable under multiple market scenarios. We integrate operational plans with long-term capital needs to provide a comprehensive view of your overall financial picture – both now and in the future.

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