Financial Feasibility for a Transformed System

Healthcare transformation can wreak havoc on your financial projections. In an era of rapidly changing healthcare service demand and emerging innovative payment models, healthcare providers must be more careful than ever when projecting the financial feasibility of a new or expanded venture.

County-by-county and town-by-town, every healthcare market is different, with unique pressures as well as opportunities. This demands highly customized financial feasibility forecasting by seasoned pros.

At Ascendient, we’re not content just using easy numbers like population growth and market share when developing a financial feasibility assessment. Instead, we leverage our proprietary statistical models to dig much deeper and show a range of outcomes based on macroeconomic forces, reimbursement changes, competitive responses, medical specialty demand, and more.

Whatever sort of move you might be contemplating, Ascendient’s comprehensive financial feasibility services can optimize your chances for success:

  • Volume projections
  • Market trends
  • Capital requirements
  • Bond/debt analysis
  • Financial impact analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Return on investment forecasting
  • Performance metrics

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