Healthcare Planning that translates your vision for tomorrow into the actions of today

In an era of transformational healthcare, the proper strategy is a critical step in the development of an integrated set of services. Executives must reassess traditional planning approaches and assumptions, and translate their strategies into concrete service plans, market plans, facility plans, provider plans, and business plans. Which service lines will grow under a transformed system and where will that growth occur? Which service lines will decline or shift to different settings? Business planning that fails to factor in changes underway will have disastrous consequences down the road as the industry transforms.

In today’s environment, successful business planning is not just about facilities and where they should be located, but also who are the providers necessary to deliver the services. Do those providers exist or must we recruit? How many are needed to meet expected demand? What level of provider is most appropriate?

Beyond our planning acumen, the Ascendient team also understands the regulatory environment in which our clients operate. Thus, we won’t develop pie-in-the-sky business plans that regulatory hurdles would quickly dismantle.

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