Informed Facility Planning for a Transforming Market

When it comes to facility planning, bad assumptions aren’t just pricey. They’re permanent. Staff can shift, service lines can flex, and technology can be upgraded, but buildings are fixed and immoveable – quite literally a shrine to your vision, right or wrong.

At Ascendient, we offer specialized expertise in facility planning but always in the context of your larger business strategy. As a full-service firm, we understand how buildings fit into the bigger picture, and we work with you to ensure that every square foot is maximized for value both today and tomorrow. Our facility planning experts have worked with scores of architects across multiple states, helping bring their vision to life while keeping an eye on cost effectiveness, patient experience, and strategic alignment.

There is more to a renovation or new building business case than just current use rates, donor priorities, and physician recruitment needs.  Today’s needs might inform your facility planning, but you also must account for a transformed healthcare landscape. With our unique Healthytown model, we can help you anticipate long-term changes in how and where you deliver your services – potentially saving millions of dollars in unnecessary bricks and mortar.

Buildings are 50-year assets that can quickly become a liability without the right planning. Let us show you how your facility planning can be future-powered, not just future-proofed.

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