Healthcare Regulatory Compliance at the Local Level

Our services in healthcare regulatory compliance are focused on three main areas: Certificate of Need, Community Health Needs Assessment, and emerging Medicare regulations.

Certificate of Need

Since our firm’s founding, Ascendient has been recognized as a nationwide leader in CON applications, strategy, and litigation. Our Regulatory team has nearly a century of combined experience with CON projects in more than a dozen states. Having been through the CON process nearly 500 times, we offer value-added services that clients simply cannot find elsewhere, including:

  • an extensive database of CON applications, decisions, and litigation documents that allows us to anticipate how regulators are likely to view a specific CON request.
  • assistance with CON-related litigation, such as testifying in defense of a client’s approved application, supporting a denied application, or opposing a competitor’s application. Our staff have served as expert witnesses in several CON litigation cases.

Our unique PARTner Framework ensures on-time, high-quality deliverables through a structured approach to Personnel, Alignment, Reviews, and Timelines.  With more than 450 successful CON applications totaling nearly $5.5 billion in capital investment, we believe our PARTner Framework is the most tried-and-tested approach offered by any healthcare consulting firm.

Want to know more? Please contact us for a detailed brochure on our CON services.

Community Health Needs Assessments

For nonprofit hospitals, showing the community that you care is no longer just good business – it’s also a requirement for tax-exempt status. And under the Affordable Care Act, all 501(c)(3) hospitals must publish a formal CHNA every three years, along with a strategy for meeting the local community’s health needs.

Ascendient will help your healthcare regulatory compliance team streamline the CHNA process, avoid potential problems, and stay within shifting IRS guidelines. We’ll also see that your CHNA is fully aligned with your broader strategic plan, communicates effectively with your market, and differentiates you clearly from your for-profit competitors.

Emerging Regulation

Finally, we pride ourselves on studying new regulations to help our clients go beyond mere compliance. From health equity to social drivers of health, CMS is broadening the very definition of healthcare with new mandates that will catch many providers by surprise. As healthcare management consultants, we can help you integrate mandate and mission to ensure that your business thrives along with your community.

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