Healthcare Strategic Planning that Goes Beyond Business as Usual

A convergence of regulatory, technological, reimbursement, and other market forces is driving the need for healthcare organizations, especially hospitals and health systems, to move away from traditional care delivery approaches. Simply put, in today’s shifting healthcare environment, adopting a “business as usual” attitude is no longer viable. At Ascendient, our team focuses on healthcare strategic planning to ensure short-term and long-term success in a rapidly changing market.

We help organizations of all sizes – and in all types of geographic settings (rural, urban, and suburban) – anticipate the impact of changes just ahead – and recommend strategic alternatives to keep their broader margins – and missions – intact.

And we help leaders look beyond today’s healthcare strategic planning challenges so they can plan successfully for tomorrow’s, whether that means planning for dramatically fewer inpatient hospital days, responding to increased competition for outpatient revenue from freestanding facilities, or estimating how changes in Medicare physician reimbursement (MACRA) and other CMS payment initiatives may impact hospital revenues.

If you are pondering the most accurate and strategic path forward, Ascendient’s team can help.

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