Mobile Integrated Healthcare: A Valuable Tool for Healthcare Transformation


Mobile Integrated Healthcare is a broad and somewhat confusing term as it often operates differently from place to place in order to meet a community’s unique needs.  In 2016, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (“NAEMT”) and other partnering organizations updated their vision statement that defines and clarifies MIH: “Mobile Integrated Healthcare – Community… Read More

Devastation of Site Neutral Payment [VIDEO]

TRANSCRIPTION: This is Brian Ackerman. I want to talk to you today about the devastation of site-neutral payment. Site-neutral payment is nothing new. We’ve worked with hospital clients for a number of years to discuss how from a competitive standpoint, they may look to push certain services into a freestanding setting and the associated implications… Read More

Healthcare Providers Facing Strong Financial Challenges

Dawn Carter, Ascendient After decades of unabated growth in healthcare costs, payors, consumers and the government alike are finally taking action to eliminate cost-shifting and to force providers to assume more risk. From MACRA and the lower reimbursement rates of Medicare Advantage to the growing use of freestanding sites, hospitals are facing a transformational shift… Read More