Will Amazon Healthcare Work? [VIDEO]

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In this short video, Dawn Carter will discuss three business giants coming together and how that will directly impact the future of healthcare.

Video Transcription:

I’m Dawn Carter. There was an exciting announcement recently about three business giants coming together to focus on the healthcare delivery and cost reduction for their employee populations. There has already been a lot of buzz about what kind of disruption this might mean to the healthcare industry, will, Amazon drones be delivering our future going forward?

Certainly, these three CEOs may bring about an innovation that none of us have ever contemplated. However, it may be that their power lies more in bringing together the tools and methods of care delivery that already exist today with a radically different payment system. We already have virtual care even though it’s not widespread yet. We also had many technological tools, many of them accessible through our mobile devices that will help to expand the application of that virtual care.

Aside from a single technological innovation that these companies may bring to us, perhaps their greater systemic contribution will be in experimenting with a transformed care delivery system that also transform how we pay for care.  That experiment can then be passed along to other payers and other employers to incentivize right care, right place, right provider, and right time care delivery. Certainly, exciting times are ahead.



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