Principles of Transformed Care Delivery [VIDEO]

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In this short video, Dawn Carter will discuss four principles behind transformed care delivery.

Video Transcription:

I’m Dawn Carter. I want to spend a few minutes talking about principles of transformed care delivery. If we have a transformed payment system that incentivizes the most effective care in the least costly setting, how will that transform how care is delivered? We believe there are four principles behind transformed care delivery.

First, the right care. That means no more care than a patient needs, no less care than a patient needs, and the exact right amount of care for that patient’s specific condition. Unfortunately, there are clinical studies today that show that we don’t always provide, the right care. In the future, we believe transformed care delivery will ensure that we provide only the care that a patient needs. And in some specialties that means we will provide dramatically less care than we’re providing today.

Second, the right place. Often today, patients access care in the most expensive setting, rather than the least expensive setting. The most common example are hospital emergency departments, where 50% of visits don’t require emergency care.

Third, the right provider. To provide the most efficient care, we need to adopt a full team-based approach to care delivery and ensure that every provider is operating at the top of their license. That means those rare and scarce resources should only be utilized to provide services only they can provide. And that means the expanded use of advanced care practitioners, licensed nurses, nutritionists, educators, and even front office staff to make sure that we are delivering effective patient care.

Fourth is the right time. We need to make sure that the right care, provided in the right place, by the right provider, is also provided at the right time when the patient needs that care. One of the most critical aspects of right time delivery is ensuring that patients have same-day access to their primary care physician to take care of their urgent care needs. In fact, we believe same-day access to primary care is central to the ability to transform care delivery. Without that, delivering care in the least expensive setting may crumble.

Where is your organization on the path to right care, right place, right provider, right time care delivery?



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