Corporations Are Betting Big on Value-Based Care

Walgreens is investing billions of dollars to expand VillageMD value-based care

Value-based care is a linchpin of healthcare transformation because there is simply no way to bend the cost curve without curtailing fee-for-service payment arrangements. While some traditional providers continue to struggle with the transition to value-based payments, national organizations like VillageMD clearly believe they have “cracked the code” for offering profitable primary care. VillageMD cares… Read More

Re-Thinking Retail


My Roomba just arrived, and I am beyond thrilled! Fed up with my inability to keep up with my golden retriever’s shedding, on a whim I did about 10 minutes of research on robotic vacuums and then added one to my Amazon cart. Less than 24 hours later, this game-changer arrived at my door. A… Read More